At Larkholme, our children in Reception are given lots of opportunity to explore the natural world around them. They are given opportunity to learn through structured play. The teaching staff create opportunities for learning, based on the children’s interests and then insert themselves into the play to draw out the learning.

We have received the Step into Quality accreditation from Lancashire for our work in improving our learning environments and learning opportunities for our pupils.


Helping your Child to be Ready to Start school.

Toilet Training

‘Potty training your child can be a seemingly overwhelming experience. The good news is, is that it doesn’t need to be! Ideally, your child will be potty trained by the time they start Nursery and certainly by the time they start Reception class at school. However, every child is different and this may not be the case at all. 

With this in mind, please find some links below that will take you to a variety of different websites which offer practical advice and tips for how to start toilet training with your child(ren). It is not an exhaustive list, but we hope that it will help you to get started and give you the confidence to enable your child to go to the toilet independently.’

How to potty train – NHS

Potty training resources, downloads and links | ERIC

PT – Toilet training – IHV

Potty Training Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs