Keeping children safe whilst online is an important aspect of our safeguarding at Larkholme. It is important to us that we work with parents and carers to help develop our pupils into confident and safe users of the internet. It is our intent to help develop the skills in our pupils to be responsible digital citizens who can make informed choices about their online behaviour. We do this through education in a series of online safety lessons as part of our curriculum as well as embedding good practice in all we do. Staff model positive online behaviour and we expect parents and carers to do the same, so we can all lead by example. Larkholme expects our pupils to follow our behaviour rules: Ready, Respectful, Safe whilst online and pupils’ behaviour that falls short of our expected standard will be subject to the consequences as outlined in the behaviour policy. If there are any concerns about an online safety issue we have a team who are ready and available to support you. Please contact either: Mrs Sims, Ms Gilmour or Mrs Mellow.

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Cyber Ethics

Year 6 had a visit from Lancashire Constabulary who came in for a workshop on Cyber Ethics. The children enjoyed learning all about remaining safe online as well as acting out a courtroom scene of different scenarios to decide if people have broken the law with their online activity.

Online Safety Assembly delivered by the PCSOs

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