Mission Statement

  • We will create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which all children can grow in confidence, develop their full potential and where academic excellence can be achieved.
  • We will provide a nurturing environment and value and recognise the uniqueness of every child.
  • We will equip the children with the resilience and perseverance to become creative and independent thinkers and to become learners for life.
  • We will provide engaging and varied learning activities across the full breadth of the National Curriculum and equip the children with a thorough understanding of the basic skills of English, Mathematics, Science and Computing.
  • We will challenge the children’s minds and bodies and give them a desire to learn and achieve.
  • We will promote British Values and ensure the children become caring, tolerant and respectful citizens within the school and wider communities.
  • We will prepare children well for the next steps in their lives by promoting self-discipline and the positive mindset which will allow them to aim high in all they do.
  • We will ensure children know how to keep themselves safe when using technology.

Home-School Agreement

All the adults in school will:

  • Provide a safe, secure, nurturing, welcoming environment
  • Value every child and encourage them to work hard and achieve their goals
  • Provide an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum and encourage independent learning
  • Keep parents informed of their child’s progress
  • Be positive role models and support every child in becoming a good citizen
  • Encourage every child to make good choices and be responsible for their behaviour

As a Larkholme pupil you will:

  • Attend school every day and arrive on time
  • Wear the correct school uniform and take pride in your appearance
  • Walk quietly around school
  • Take care of all school equipment
  • Try your best with all your work and be polite at all times to all pupils, adults and visitors to school
  • Always behave sensibly in school
  • Treat everyone with respect and respect others culture, race, feelings, beliefs and values
  • Think for yourself and take responsibility for your actions / choices

As the parent / carer you will:

  • Ensure you child attends school every day and arrives on time
  • Ensure your child wears the correct school uniform
  • Ensure your child completes their homework and returns it to school on time
  • Support your child to abide by the school rules
  • Attend Parents’ Evening and discuss your child’s progress with the class teacher
  • Encourage your child to work hard, always try their best and be determined to succeed