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British Values

Statement on British Values

Our school is a welcoming community which welcomes and values everyone, whatever their ability, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality or background. As a primary school, we believe that we have a vital role in combating discrimination and promoting fairness, justice and equality through our teachers and in the role models they offer. We teach our children to be responsible citizens and positive representatives of the United Kingdom in the wider world.

Promoting British Values is, therefore, an intrinsic part of everything we do. We promote the four key values listed by the DFE through our curriculum (see table below) and in the following ways:


We have a lively School Council, who are voted in by their peers, with members from Years 1 – 6. We also have Sports Council representatives and House Captains who have a voice within school. They organise events and keep the school informed.  All pupils have a voice. There are boxes within school where the children can voice their opinions.  All these channels ensure that the voices within school can be heard, and demonstrate how democratic election processes work in practice. We hold assemblies every week which are based on the British Values concepts. The Eco Councillors and RotaKids president are also voted for by their peers.

On a daily basis, we make sure that the children are listened to by adults and taught to listen to one another. We teach children how to give their opinions respectfully. The school’s leadership also strives to model the values of transparency and accountability in its own actions and governance.

The Rule of Law

All families, upon joining the school, sign a Home-School Agreement outlining their rights and responsibilities. At Larkholme, we believe that a morally aware pupil will develop a wide range of skills that will enable them to:

Individual liberty

At school, pupils are encouraged, and given the freedom to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment, e.g. Challenging themselves in their learning. They are supported to develop self-knowledge, self-confidence and a growth mind set in all areas of school life. Pupils are taught to understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms in a safe way.They have key responsibilities in school like being a Playground Buddy or a library monitor.

Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We teach both self-respect and respect for others, developing tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of everyone at our school. Children are encouraged to discuss and show tolerance of all differences between people, whether those differences are in their faith, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or family structure.