Phonics and Early Reading

At Larkholme Primary School, we follow Red Rose Letters and Sounds. Pupils in EYFS and KS1 will have daily phonics sessions.

This planning programme has been developed, continuously evaluated and refined over several years, using the expertise of effective classroom practitioners and phonics experts at LPDS, in order to provide a tightly focused systematic approach to planning and teaching phonics.

The programme includes planning from Phase Two to Phase Five with specific daily sessions and a very rigorous approach to meet, and exceed, expectations based on the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum for Year One.


Phonics at Larkholme

At Larkholme Primary School we strive to develop all of our pupils into confident and competent readers and writers. One of the vital ways that this is done is through the daily teaching of phonics starting in Reception up to Year 2.

In our phonics sessions we follow the Red Rose Letters and Sounds scheme where children work through phases starting from phase 1 through to phase 6. In these sessions a structure is followed where children are given the opportunity to recap on previous learning, learn a new phoneme and then practise and apply the new phoneme into different contexts.


At the end of Year 1 pupils will complete the Phonics Check to ascertain if they have met the required standard. Pupils who do not achieve the required standard will receive support in Year 2 and will retake the check. If a pupil does not achieve at the standard at the end of Year 2, they will continue to taught phonics but will not have to retake the check again. At Larkholme we track all our pupils using the Phonics Tracker.

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Children are then given other opportunities to develop these skills further outside of their phonics sessions in guided reading, independent reading and writing. Our phonics sessions are delivered in a practical and interactive way to children, below are some links to websites that your child may already be familiar with. Please feel free to have a go at following some of these links at home with your child!


Sound Mats




Parent Workshop