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Intent Statement

At Larkholme Primary School we strive to make learning Science fun and exciting whilst preparing children for the next stage in their learning.

Science is taught by giving our children a chance to test, make mistakes and improve. It builds knowledge and develops children’s understanding of the world through first-hand experience and exploration while building up an extended specialist vocabulary.

We support children in spotting patterns, understanding what they have found out, talking about their learning and asking questions. We strive to provide an environment where children are willing to take risks when trying out their ideas and are given the opportunities to develop their scientific enquiry and conceptual understanding.

We want to inspire and challenge our pupils to become independent thinkers, who use their understanding to help make sense of the world they live in.

We aim to ensure that our children can learn about how Science impacts upon and underpins much of our lives in today’s society, while practical activities stimulate their curiosity.

This is done through engaging Science lessons, practical experiments, visits, talks and links with our local community and wider environment.


Cycle A Year 1 and 2

Cycle A Year 3 and 4

Cycle A Year 5 and 6

Cycle B Year 1 and 2

Cycle B Year 3 and 4

Cycle B 5 and 6

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